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Chicago Art Studio ( August 2019 )

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Chicago Art Studio ( February 2019 )

Chicago Art Studio founder, Marcin Suraj, is proud to present “30/30 Gallery” a visual collection of 30 pieces of fine art street photography.

Marcin Suraj Solo Exhibition

The Debut:
“The 30/30 Gallery” was conceived by Marcin 5 years ago when he moved to Chicago from Poland. Driven by a sense of loneliness, Marcin went out and connected with Chicago through his lens. At the time he didn’t have a large network, but through his photography he was able to speak and connect with thousands in Chicago, Europe, Asia and South America. His presence with in the art community as been mostly through social media, but it’s finally his time to bring it to life.

The Artwork:
His unique and self created artwork represents Chicago’s vibrance and energy over the last 5 years. Just like Marcin, his photography is very eclectic, energetic and always moving. When Marcin uses his sensitive intuition to capture each shot so each moment has a purpose. The pieces represent the day to day interaction of those who live and work in the city. Marcin’s hope for this exhibition is for everyone to have a deeper feeling of the emotions, energy and atmosphere of Chicago Streets.

Please join his vision of the world. See and feel the essence of a cold winter, smell the freshness of the air, and reflect upon the city after the rain, as Marcin does. We will have complementary beverages, hors d’oeuvres, and a raffle for your chance to win a piece of his art!

Chicago Art Studio ( 2018 )

New logo type :

Chicago Art Studio ( 2016-2017 )

2016 – 2017 I lived with a gentelmen who collected a variety of antiques from radios, silver to paintings. I went with him to an auction and I began to see the fun in buying art and antiques.

Every piece had a story, a history !.

After a year I had collected over 200 paintings…

I soon realized i had more paintings than i could handle; so my hobby soon turned into a business of buying and selling.

Marcin Suraj and oil painting
Chicago Art Studio ( 2015 )

Original concepts of logo types.

Chicago art studio logo
Chicago Art Studio ( 2014 )


I started my photography journey in 2014. I worked as a, wedding/family and real estate, photographer. My brother-in-law and sister asked, as a favor, if I could take photos of an event they were attending in the winter of 2014. We started driving to the event, and it started snowing. It was one of the most beautiful snow falls I’ve ever experienced. I quickly made a decision not to go to their event, but instead go on a winter adventure with my camera. The news we was reporting winter weather advisories all evening, but that didn’t stop me.

I was freezing from head to toe, but that didn’t matter because that winter scenery was something that came out of the movies.  In that moment, I realized, I wanted to share this feeling and experience with the world. I needed to create a platform that allows individuals to indulge in art, thus Chicago Art Studio was formed!

Winter in Chicago
Winter in Chicago
Winter in Chicago