Decorate the Wall with Chicago Fine Art Photography or Painting

What about decorating your heart out on any of your walls at your home, office or anywhere else. How pleasing is a wall with a touch of art? Your love for your place is simply fixed or painted on those lovely walls. A simple painting or a piece of photography can change a blunt wall to a great attraction. A good piece of art communicates a thousand words. It is sometimes peaceful, healing or sometimes it is powerful and passionate. When decorating a wall it is important to consider what mood and aura you want to reflect and decide the decorative photography and paintings accordingly. 

We at Chicago Art Studio have an amazing collection of wall arts including fine arts photography, antique oil painting for your room’s splendid aesthetics. We also have attractive pieces for art for organization décor. Moreover, the Chicago art studio provides you professional real estate photography to help you sell your property or so. 

Chicago Fine art photography is a great tool to express yourself, it has a great impact on your emotion or it is art and you just love it. Wall decor is merely not for art lovers but any passerby can experience the power of art. Wall decor can please you in several ways. The following are a few of those phenomenal experiences that you will have wall arts.

1. It is pleasing to eyes

One of the most compelling reasons for creating art is the pleasure it provides. It draws the attention of the dwellers giving them something to admire every day. It creates the element that catches the eyes and gives an absorbing feeling. You can think of your favorite color scheme, the happiness it adds to your mood every day. Imagine painting an office lunchroom wall beautifully and observe how it helps to energize people. Imagine your favorite wall painting on the side hanging on your room wall, the pleasure it provides you is never-ending. We want to emphasize that art is not only for a few people, everyone admires art consciously or unconsciously.

2. It is healing for mind and body

Art has the power of healing. Colors pose different effects to psychology which eventually affects your physical performance as well. It can be a great way to feel better and energized. It is a great way of experiencing joy. Also, it is a great help if you want to create healing energy around yourself. These paintings and photography are used by different yoga, psychology, and other therapy centers to make the visitors’ experience healing. These art pieces help to release depression and anxiety as a scientific fact. Because people feel better mentally so their physical condition seconds. Since wall art is more pronounced than a small decoration piece lying around the corner so it comes into notice of a less observant as well.

These paintings and photographic pieces offer healing properties at multiple levels. It soothes anger, it relieves sadness, and it helps cure everyday frustration. It helps boost the mood and spirits up. Wall art can create an aura of healing depending upon what you want to deal with, it has great power to heal and soothe tensed emotions.

3. It is a great form of self-expression

Wall arts especially paintings and photography is a great way of expressing yourself. It allows them to express their personalities and feelings. Self-expression is a great joy for many. People find the joy of self-expression in many forms of art including body arts, painting and décor and much more. It is a symbolic manner of expressing your multiple personality traits, the artistic taste and the hidden admiration of great arts. Merely, looking at a great piece of art that abstractly expresses your emotions is a reward in itself for many people.

4. It gives you the exact vibe for your home

Imagine the home sweet home vibe you want to create for your lounge, the energized vibe for your study, the cozy vibe for your kitchen and dining or the dreamy vibe for your room. All these vibes are created to your exact level of desire with the right combination of color and right size and location of your wall art.

It has the power of giving you the feeling of the world with some great artistic strokes of colors or a professional in time click. 

5. It gives you the exact drive at your workplace and workout place

Wall paintings and photography give you the exact drive you want. Just imagine how great it is to get pumped up with a great color scheme or a great photo compelling you to get the work done. Your workout area’s wall art can give you high energy you need to get started.

6. It is a great way of self-care and love expression

Wall arts are a great way of self-care and self-love. It is a protein-pack for your soul that lets you experience eternal joy in a moment. It is a great way to express your love for others. You can express your love for your friends with a great piece of art. You can give your kids room touch up to express your love. It is a great way to create a romantic vibe for your partner. In short, it is a perfect presentation of your love.

Chicago art studio has great wall art pieces for you to express yourself and experience the energy, healing, and vibe you have been looking for. Our love for art is deep. We organize monthly photography walks for the art enthusiast. We offer your company social media marketing services with love for art.

Chicago Art Photo Walk – October 6, 2019

Hi Photographers,

We are so excited to be hosting Chicago Art Studio‘s first ever art walk. We are so happy to see so many of you signed up!

For a little extra incentive we will be raffling off one of our very own pieces of art. We will be passing out free raffle tickets between 2:00pm-2:10pm CST. Make sure to get here early to get your free raffle ticket.

We look forward to seeing each and everyone of you! If you have any questions feel free to message us!

Chicago Art Photo Walk – October 6, 2019

Sunday, Oct 6, 2019, 2:00 PM

The Wrigley Building
400-410 N Michigan Ave Chicago, IL

40 Members Attending

Chicago Art Photo Walk is a monthly photography walk in Chicago. A group for all photography lovers – amateurs and professionals. First Sunday of the month. Bring your phone or camera and lets enjoy.

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Chicago Art Photo Walk

Chicago Art Photo Walk

October 6, 2019 – Wrigley Building

Chicago Art Photo Walk is a monthly photography walk in Chicago.
A group for all photography lovers – amateurs and professionals.

First Sunday of the month.

Bring your phone or camera and lets enjoy.